Cummins distributors in California plan to merge

Cummins Cal Pacific LLC and Cummins West Inc. announced Monday plans to merge and form a new entity, Cummins Pacific LLC.

Under the arrangement, effective Sept. 28, Cummins Pacific will serve California and Hawaii as exclusive distributor for Cummins Inc. 

The new Cummins Pacific combines the territories of both Cummins West and Cummins Cal Pacific, bringing 12 existing service centers under the same name.

Cummins Cal Pacific President Mark Yragui will lead Cummins Pacific.

“It’s exciting that employees of these two companies are coming under a single company to represent California and Hawaii,” he says. “Our states are a focal point for clean-air initiatives and green energy. Our new company will allow us even greater focus on the application of Cummins products to this expanding market.”