Box truck crashes through wall following apparent brake failure on steep California road

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Updated Jul 19, 2017

A box truck crashed through a concrete wall Monday and came within a few feet of striking a home after its brakes reportedly failed on a steep road in San Diego.

No one was injured in the crash on Lennox Drive, a steep road with a history of accidents. The driver told ABC 10 that he has experience parking on hillside roads and that he had set the truck’s parking brake, chocked the wheels and turned the steering wheel towards the curb before attempting to make the delivery.

He was in the back of the truck when it suddenly began moving downhill. He jumped out as the vehicle started rolling. Thankfully, instead of traveling straight down the road, the truck veered to the left and traveled a short distance before crashing through a nearby concrete wall and stopping within a few feet of a home.

A woman who lives in the home had just been outside moments before and watched the truck crashing into her yard. Her daughter spoke to ABC 10. 

“The house is intact and my mom is alive, so that’s why I’m smiling,” Andriana Carrero said.

Carrero said that her father’s car had been struck a few days earlier on Lennox Drive and “had been sent spinning down the hill.”