Pickup bed impact test sends crash dummies flying

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Updated Jul 13, 2018

Government officials in North Carolina are hoping that a crash test video will get people to think twice before riding in the back of a pickup bed.

The crash test took place last month and was sponsored by the North Carolina Governor’s Highway Safety Program. Since posting the video on Facebook two weeks ago, the Kitty Hawk Police Department has racked up 2.5 million views and plenty of comments.

“In high school, a friend of mine was killed in the back of a truck during a ski trip in Utah,” posted one Facebook user. “It was so awful.”

“I don’t like when I see dogs in the back of a pickup truck,” posted another. “Especially on the highway. I think it’s dangerous for everyone.”

It is legal to ride in a pickup bed in most states, including North Carolina, a fact that didn’t escape at least one Facebook user who couldn’t resist pointing out the irony of the state’s seatbelt law.

“It’s gotta be safer than the cab right? I mean it’s legal for them to ride back there with no seatbelt, while you can get a ticket for no seatbelt while riding in the cab.”