2017 Shelby Raptor devours dunes and gets airborne

Quimby Mug Bayou Florida Headshot

Last month, HWT’s story The Shelby Raptor Baja edition is a head-turning, dirt-scrambling beast introduced readers to the 525-plus horsepower truck.

Thanks to Shelby you can watch Ford’s strongest F-150 get even stronger as it shreds some dunes and catches air in a video recently posted by Shelby Media.

If you’re still up in the air about V8 power vs. V6 power, just watch and listen. Who knows? You might be swayed be the twin-turbo Ford Performance EcoBoost V6, which gets a custom cold-air performance intake system and tune from Shelby which delivers at least 75 more horses than the stock 450-hp 2017 Raptor and turns up the torque to 610 foot pounds, or 100 more than stock.

Happy trails!