GMC to reveal electric HUMMER next month

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Sometimes the biggest leaps forward are actually diagonal. The w
Sometimes the biggest leaps forward are actually diagonal. The world’s first all-electric supertruck is coming – the GMC HUMMER EV. See it and reserve it 10.20.20.

GMC announced this week that its HUMMER EV will be revealed on Tuesday, Oct. 20.

While GMC would not exactly clarify if it would be revealing both the electric SUV and pickup versions of the revived brand it did confirm with Hard Working Trucks that it would be revealing “a truck.” Yes, a truck.

Thank goodness for video since some will use the terms SUV and truck interchangeably. Not a lot, but it does happen. Taking a closer look at a video GMC released with its brief press release shows pretty plainly that it’s an electric pickup using all-wheel steering, or Crab Mode, to get around a crab on the beach.

“The supertruck’s industry-leading Crab Mode feature is enabled by the GMC HUMMER EV’s four-wheel steering capability, allowing it to move in a diagonal direction – functionality that is tailor-made for off-roading customers,” GMC reports in its press release.

Supertruck? Now, I absolutely have to watch this debut barring any additional power-gutting storms like the one we experienced today dubbed, benignly enough, Hurricane Sally. (We’re okay save for a power outage and 13 inches of rain that eroded our property and flooded nearby roads and homes.) Will the electric HUMMER be shown unmercifully towing a competitor’s truck up a steep grade? Who knows. They already got my attention with Crab Mode. If you’ve ever dug your way out of the dirt or sand, rocked back and forth ad nauseam or—D’oh!—been pulled out of a mud hole, then you undoubtedly find Crab Mode intriguing like me.

Customer reservations for the GMC HUMMER EV will be available through on Oct. 20. Details about how to tune in and watch this historic debut will be shared closer to the reveal.