Over 100 ‘Cajun Navy’ pickups and boats arrive in Texas

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Updated Aug 29, 2017

You can’t help but smile and maybe even laugh a little when you see the picture and the message that goes with it—but make no mistake, these heroes mean business and they’re not waiting around for Uncle Sam to save the day.

The unforgettable parade of pickups towing boats and heading towards storm ravaged Houston is the Cajun Navy—a group of hearty volunteers from Louisiana answering the call for help in Texas for trucks and boats.

“We love Texas and will do what we can to help y’all,” the Louisiana Cajun Navy posted on its Facebook page Monday night. “Texas was here for us before and we love our Texas folks. God bless Texas. Please share!”

Other Cajun rescuers are represented by Cajun Navy 2016, which also has a Facebook page. That group showed up today with over 100 trucks and boats at Costco in Orange, Texas where they filled up with gas and received donations of bottled water, diapers and other items from Costco before hitting the road again to caravan towards Houston.

“So proud of this crew plus many more. I would like to thank Costco for a big welcome for the Cajun Navy 2016 Crew. I will be definitely be purchasing a membership. Thanks again for all of the donations today, it was truly a blessing,” Cajun Navy 2016 posted on its Facebook page.

“We could not do what we do without everybody’s help. God Bless you all. We will have another convoy leaving in the morning. Rolling out at 9:00am sharp. Donations will be excepted on site at Costco until 11:00am. Please share this post like last night. God Bless!”

Cajun Navy volunteers later met in Humble, Texas where they planned for rescue operations, according to kplctv.com.

Many of the volunteers with the Cajun Navy helped with rescue efforts during last summer’s historic flooding in Louisiana.

“On August 13, 2016 people woke up that morning to the presence of floodwater in their homes,” the Cajun Navy 2016 posted on its ‘about’ section. “We don’t wait on help, we are the help here in Louisiana.”

The Louisiana Cajun Navy posted Monday night a link to a website that’s designed to help organize volunteer-based rescue efforts. Rescuers and those needing to be rescued are asked to visit houstonharveyrescue.com and post information, such as phone numbers and current location, to help coordinate relief efforts.

Rescue efforts were proving challenging for some Cajun Navy volunteers Monday. Reports emerged Monday night of looters shooting in the vicinity of rescuers. No one was hurt and Louisiana Cajun Navy founder Clyde Cain said it was unclear if the looters were shooting at volunteers, kplctv.com reported. Anxiety is also building among stranded Houston residents who have been anxiously waiting for help to arrive.

“They’re making it difficult for us to rescue them,” Cain told CNN. “You have people rushing the boat. Everyone wants to get in at the same time. They’re panicking. Water is rising.”

More rain is expected in Houston this week, making this storm and the vast flooding ‘unprecedented,’ the National Weather Service reported.