Chinese SUV maker Great Wall Motors interested in buying Jeep

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Jeep is not only making headlines this week for its new pickup set to debut next year, it’s also getting attention over news of a Chinese automaker’s interest in buying the 76-year-old company.

While China’s prominent SUV manufacturer Great Wall Motors has not formally announced its interest in FCA’s off-road unit, it did confirm its interest in buying Jeep, The Detroit News reported this week.

Automotive News first reported last week that a Chinese automaker had presented FCA with an offer above its market value; however, that offer was reportedly rejected. The automaker was not identified.

Increased global competition combined with the high costs of marketing and development led FCA to put Jeep up for sale two years ago.

FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne stated in April that both Jeep and Ram were strong enough brands to stand on their own.

FCA executives have recently been meeting with Chinese auto executives both in China and the U.S.