Ford truck sales dominate around the globe

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Updated Aug 21, 2017
2017 Ford F-150 XLT2017 Ford F-150 XLT

While the Ford’s F-Series trucks remain tops in sales in the U.S., they’re also dominating in markets around the world.

Vehicle research company JATO, based in the U.K., recently posted numbers on Twitter for the top 20 selling vehicles in the world. Only three pickup manufacturers made the list: Ford, Ram and GM.

Following the first six months of 2017, Ford’s F-Series pickups had more sales than any other vehicle with 519,000 units sold, an 8.8 percent gain over the first six months from last year. Number two Toyota had a 2.5 percent drop in sales with 472,000 cars sold.

Ram pickups, which took 11th place on the list, enjoyed the biggest boost in pickup sales compared to Ford and GM. Ram trucks racked up 316,000 sales around the world from January through June 2017, a 9.9 percent increase over last year.

GM took 15th place with 296,000 sales, a 2.7 percent drop. The Silverado is credited with those sales. No other pickup models from any other OEMs are named on the list.