Construction workers chase down truck thief

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Construction employees in Missouri got their stolen truck back after chasing down the thief who had swiped it from under their noses.

Police in Springfield report that the theft occurred at a bridge construction site Monday morning along Chestnut Expressway west of I-65.

After the thief took off in a Lehman Construction truck, company workers went after him in another pickup and got the thief to stop on I-65 south, according to

The trucks were taken to another location so that police could further investigate (see KY3 News Facebook photo below). Police arrested a man for the theft.

“Kudos to the construction workers,”Judi MacKay Prince posted on KY3 News Facebook page. “What a moron for stealing a work truck (or any vehicle) right in front of a bunch of workers… I guess he didn’t think they’d take off following him. LOL. Bet he feels like an idiot now.”