Landi Renzo: Be mindful of CNG order dates for Ford F-Series trucks

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2018 Ford F-150 XLT Super Crew 4×42018 Ford F-150 XLT Super Crew 4×4

If you’re thinking of getting a Landi Renzo CNG conversion for a new Ford F-Series truck, then be mindful of Ford’s conversion cutoff and start dates.

“It’s important to keep tabs on Ford’s ‘Order Open’ and ‘Final Order’ dates as they have direct implications to build dates, certifications, and delivery of product,” Landi Renzo announced today.

Landi Renzo USA compiled the dates for F-Series trucks that they offer with CNG conversions.

The 2017 F-150 5.0-liter order bank closed in May; model year 2018 order bank is now open.

“We are working to complete the necessary development and certification work for model year 2018. Ford has moved to a PFDI (Port Fuel / Direct Injection) engine,” Landi Renzo reports. “This will be an additional product for Landi Renzo USA for model year 2018 and comes with the same quality and reliability you expect from Landi Renzo.”

Final order date for CNG conversion on the 2017 F-250/350 6.2-liter and 2017 F-450/550 6.8-liter is September 1, 2017. Landi Renzo has certification and continues to fulfill orders. Model year 2018 order bank opens on September 13, 2017 with Job 1 scheduled for November 20, 2017.
“Please note: If you plan on deploying any F-250/350/450/550 product in CY2017, you need to get your orders placed ASAP,” Landi Renzo states. “It is questionable, given Ford’s build schedule for MY2018, whether there will be enough time to receive the vehicles, convert and ship to your location before the end of the year.”

The order bank for converting 2017 F-650/750 6.8-liter closed in early June; the model year 2018 order bank is now open. Job 1 is scheduled for October 2, 2017.

“Please note these dates can and do change—particularly if Ford balances out early. If you want to make sure, you should reach out to your Ford dealer to confirm,” Landi Renzo advises. “Our goal is to provide general timing for planning purposes.”

Landi Renzo USA reports that it is available to discuss your specific situation and will work to deliver the highest quality product within the timelines of your specific requirement.

“And, when comparing pricing, you’ll find Landi Renzo USA is the most aggressively priced product in the market. High quality and competitive pricing is a winning combination. Give us a call or email today.”

For more information, contact Paul Shaffer, Landi Renzo executive vice president of business development at [email protected], or Ryan Waltz, vice president of sales and marketing at [email protected]. If you prefer, call Shaffer at 214-263-6525 or Waltz at 714-658-0801.