Toyota pickup nearly turns over during swerve test

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Updated Nov 2, 2016

A video released from a Swedish auto magazine reveals a Toyota pickup failing a swerve test in Australia which the truck had already bombed years before.

A 2016 Toyota HiLux SR5, the most popular pickup in Australia and similar to the Tacoma sold in the U.S., is shown with its passenger-side tires airborne as the driver swerves past traffic cones to test the truck’s stability during a swerve maneuver known as a moose test.

Other trucks shown in the video, including a Ram, Ford and Nissan, pass the test and manage to keep their wheels on the ground at 42 mph while the Hilux nearly turns over at 37 mph.

Toyota reports that it’s examining the test conducted by Teknikens Varld, according to News Corp Australia.

“Toyota takes the report published by the Swedish automobile magazine, Teknikens Värld, on this emergency-avoidance test seriously and Toyota is currently in discussions with the publication to understand their test results in more detail,” a statement from Toyota Australia reads.