Smoke signals: Coal rolling trucks catch attention of New York Times

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A diesel truck trend has caught the ire of environmentalists and motivated some lawmakers to push for costly emissions fines.

It’s called coal rolling. The goal is to emit as much dark smoke from diesel exhaust pipes as possible. Critics say that involves removing federally mandated emissions equipment, according to a recent New York Times article.

New Jersey is the first state to enact legislation to target coal rolling. Violators face a $5,000 fine for unleashing a dark mass of smoke into the air.

The Times reports that coal rollers are purposely belching smoke on EV and Prius drivers, bicyclists and others that they perceive as being eco-friendly and a threat to their smoke-filled fun.

A YouTube video below shows a truck unleashing a large cloud of dark smoke on some cyclists and at least one protestor.

Has coal rolling gone too far? Does it give diesel a bad name? Should it be permitted at truck pulls only? Or have environmentalists and others gone too far in their criticism and efforts at enacting tougher emissions legislation? Let us know in your comments below.