FCA talks more about a mid-size Ram pickup

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FCA has talked more about offering a midsize Ram pickup.

Mike Manley, head of Jeep and Ram brands, told Motor Trend that the company is considering a unibody chassis for a midsize pickup.

Manley told Motor Trend that a midsize truck is “a big opportunity for the brand. We have a good history in that segment, and I’d very much like a ‘metric ton’ pickup in the Ram brand.”

FCA’s Fiat Toro, a midsize truck produced in Mexico, uses a unibody chassis.

Motor Trend is predicting that a new midsize Ram pickup will likely be more competitively priced than a Toyota Tacoma or Chevrolet Colorado.

Manley said the pickup would go over well with commercial customers.

Manley said earlier this year that a Jeep pickup should be arriving in dealerships by 2020.