Ford monster truck rescues woman in Texas flood

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Updated Apr 20, 2016
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This Tweeted image posted by WFAA-TV reporter Jenny Doren shows a monster truck moments before it drives onto a flooded Texas street Monday to rescue an older woman stranded in her home.

A monster truck drove through a flood Monday in Parker County, Texas to pick up a woman left stranded at her home by rising water.

The Brazos River is expected to crest early this week, and as of Monday afternoon, at least 27 people had to be rescued from rising flood waters, including an older woman who left her flooded property in a lifted, 8-foot high truck, according to reporter Jenny Doren, who Tweeted videos of the rescue (see below).

“This is not my first rodeo,” Millsap resident Deborah Wright told Doren in a phone interview minutes before scaling a ladder into the tall truck. “It (the flood) just came up so quickly.”

Wright’s friend and co-worker, Deana Grey, made the call to have her rescued by a man in a lifted Ford truck. The man was not identified.

“That’s a redneck rescue, I do believe,” Grey said. “That’s how Millsap is. We just look out for one another.”

Wright, who’s lived at her home for 35 years, has endured floods before, but has never been rescued by a truck. It’s been nearly 10 years since residents have seen flooding like this, according to

Out of concerns for public safety, Parker County issued a statement asking residents to reach out to local authorities for help during a flood—not friends or relatives.

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