F-150 and Isuzu fire truck conquer deep water

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Updated Apr 15, 2016
This Isuzu fire truck in Australia is designed to take on some deep water.This Isuzu fire truck in Australia is designed to take on some deep water.

Trucks can take on all kinds of terrain, and a few are even seemingly amphibious. Below is a video showing an F-150 playing in the water, while another clip shows an Isuzu fire truck determined to get to work despite a full-on flood. The third one is a little of both. A driver who uses his new work truck on a boat ramp launches more than his boat.

The first YouTube video, while entertaining, leaves some unanswered questions. First, is Tyler Stupid driving in salt or fresh water? The massive body of water that Stupid takes on with a bed full of folks could pass for one of the Great Lakes up north.

After Stupid passes a kayak and a jet ski and emerges from the water, the ground beneath his 46-inch tires looks more like lakeshore than seashore, but I suppose it could go either way. A power plant appears in the background which some of you may recognize.

Judging by the scathing comments, a lot of viewers have decided that Stupid truly is as stupid does—in other words, they’re convinced that Stupid is driving in saltwater and ruining his truck in the process. What’s more, though some snorkel designs are discreet and appear behind the cab, it looks as though Stupid’s not equipped. Surprised? Thankfully, Stupid manages to keep the water level mostly below the headlights.

Is it legal for Stupid to be driving around in the water? There are laws on the books that prohibit driving on a shore, let alone plowing into the water. But since there’s no location listed for Stupid’s stunt, that question remains unanswered for now. Stupid’s truck is a Ford F-150 SuperCab FX-4. The model year is not listed. With more than a million views, one wonders if an agent is trying to track Stupid down.

The second YouTube clip shows an Australian fire truck plowing through a flooded street. After it enters the water, its siren cuts off, but the impressive Isuzu diesel keeps moving. At one point the water rises within a few feet of the truck’s roof causing two firefighters in the back to start looking around to reassess their dilemma.

A viewer, who recognized the truck, states that its based in Research, Victoria, Australia. He says that all rural Aussie trucks are four-wheel-drive and contain a snorkel designed for submerged driving like this. Looks like the spectators standing around have all seen it before because no one applauds when the truck reaches the other side.

This third one is tough to watch. A driver in Lake Pleasant, Az., uses his new Chevy utility truck to launch his boat. You can probably guess what happens next. His submerged truck draws a crowd of people who record the action as his vehicle is pulled out of the water and up one of the biggest boat launches I’ve ever seen.