Ford Super Duty Seat Cover Install

Marathon’s SuperHide seat covers a great addition to any hard working truck, business or personal

One area of pickups often overlooked by owners is protecting the seats. Putting on seat covers may seem to many like a waste of money. It’s not.

Once the OE seat coverings get stained with mud, grease, sweat, spilled coffee and soda, or ripped by any number of possible objects, they are hard to clean and expensive to repair.

Then when trade-in or resale time comes around, the look of the seats have a lot of sway in value – typically more than enough to offset the cost of the covers that protected them from wear and tear.

We often hear about products others rave about. But until you see or use something for yourself, it’s hard to make a informed comment.

So we ordered a set of the camo Marathon Seat Covers‘ SuperHides for a 2012 F-250 Super Crew to see 1) the quality, and 2) their ease of installation.

Marathon’s waterproof-Cordura seat covers is top shelf in all aspects.

The instructions are clear and concise. They fit like a glove and are held in place with industrial-strength hook-and-loop fastners so they are not going to sag or look ill-fitting.

Another appealing aspect of these seat covers is they are custom made for the specific year, model and options of the vehicle.

For example, this particular Super Duty’s front buckets have very contoured side bolsters and electric seat control switches. The SuperHides are cut in exactly the right pattern to match those areas like factory.

We also ordered the optional headrest and center console covers to give the interior a finished custom look.

Overall, we couldn’t be a happier with our choice of pull-overs. The ease of installation, the two-year warranty, and the overall design/quality of the Marathon SuperHides is hard to beat.