Duramax Cold-Air Intake Install

S&B kit improves stock airflow by more then 40 percent at full power; filter good for a million miles

by Bruce W. Smith

Anyone in the earth-moving business knows dirt and dust are par for the course and vehicles working in those environments need great filtration systems. Diesel pickups are no exception.

One air intake upgrade worth considering for diesel pickups is a high-performance, “cold air” intake system.

(High-performance just means the system is designed to flow more air than the factory air filter when the dust and grit start clogging the filter system.)

One such model of air intakes is made by S&B Filters, a company specializing in them for more than 37 years.

They design and build everything in the U.S., and offer some nice benefits to the buyer including  a 1 Million Mile Limited Warranty.

One kit that’s popular is the Duramax LMM (’07-present) cold-air intake.  We watched Truck Supply & Outfitters install the system on a contractor’s 2010 Chevy Duramax.

S&B’s testing showed the kit had an airflow rating 40.8 percent better than stock and filtered 99.8 percent of dust out of the airstream during testing. The system is also incorporates a cleanable filter, saving money if filter replacement is a part of your pickup’s regular maintenance schedule.

It’s also good to note installing a S&B Intake Kit ($260) will not void your vehicle’s warranty.

“If a dealer does deny your warranty repair, S&B will quickly reimburse you for the repair and will pursue the dealer to recoup the cost,” says Berry Carter, CEO.

The upgrade, as shown below, takes about 30 minutes with normal hand tools.