New Uconnect service reports vehicle’s health status

Updated Jan 8, 2015

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Monthly Vehicle Health Report and Vehicle Health Alert

Maintaining a vehicle’s healthy status has become much easier with FCA Uconnect’s Monthly Vehicle Health Report, a monthly report that is sent to customers’ personal email accounts informing them about their vehicle’s performance status.

At a glance, vehicle owners can review and monitor the status of a vehicle’s key systems, including powertrain, oil and fluids, brakes, suspension and safety systems.

Once a month, the vehicle owner will receive an email report that shows the status of their vehicle’s key systems.

Within the email, owners will find color-coded icons that will inform of an action that may be needed, such as a green check icon that signifies that no issues are found, a yellow exclamation point will signify that action is suggested and a red x will signify that immediate action is needed.

If the vehicle owner would like additional information, they can also login to the owner website where a more comprehensive and detailed report is available.

In addition to the Monthly Health Report, Uconnect Access customers will have access to Vehicle Health Alert.

With this service, vehicle owners will immediately receive an email alert that is sent if one of the key powertrain, oil and fluids, brakes, suspension or safety systems requires attention.

Once a warning light of one of these key systems appears in the vehicle dashboard, an alert will be sent immediately to the vehicle owner’s email account that explains what the warning light means, how the vehicle is affected and what action needs to be taken.