Ignition problems force GM pickup recall

Updated Jan 2, 2015

More faulty ignitions closed General Motor’s 2014 on a down note; an issue the Detroit automaker has battled all year.

GM said Thursday it would recall 83,572 SUVs and trucks over a faulty ignition that could move out of the “start” position and cause the vehicle to stall and the airbags not to deploy in a crash.

Pickup models involved are 2011-12 Chevrolet Silverado HDs, Silverado LDs, GMC Sierra LDs, Sierra HDs. The company added 2007-14 vehicles could have been repaired with defective parts.

GM says 500 vehicles or fewer are expected to have the condition.

“The ignition lock actuator may bind, making turning the key difficult or causing the ignition to get stuck in the ‘start’ position,” GM says in a notice to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. “If stuck in the ‘start’ position, the ignition may suddenly snap back into the ‘accessory’ position, causing a loss of engine, steering, and braking power, increasing the risk of a vehicle crash. If the vehicle is in a crash, the air bags may not deploy, increasing the risk of occupant injury.”