Pickup Truck Performance Numbers: 0-60mph Times

Updated Jul 10, 2014

Burnout Chevy_BS28766 webHard Working Trucks Test Data: 0-60mph Times

Every year we road test pickup trucks and run them through the 1/4-mile to see how they perform. 

The driver for the tests is  a professional who has more than 25 years experience in vehicle testing, and our primary test track is the Gulfport Dragway located on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Performance data is gathered using a computerized Stalker ATS radar system that records a number of parameters including acceleration times and stopping distances.

Below is a chart that shows 0-60mph acceleration times for trucks we have done full road tests on to date. The chart will be updated as new trucks are tested. 

Hover your cursor over the chart to see data.

If you want to see the 1/4-mile times, click here.