Magnets Reveal Next-Gen Super Duty Is Aluminum

Updated Jul 6, 2014

Spy Photogs Use Magnets To Reveal True Nature Of Ford’s Super Duty Test MulesSEMA Spy article

According to a SEMA News article, a convoy of Super Duty prototypes have been testing in the Rocky Mountains, and, according to the story, a trailer-toting F-350 Dually was left unattended for the day in plain view of KGP “spy” photographers.

“The shooters decided that it was time to make a little introduction: ‘Magnet, meet Super Duty. Super Duty, say hello to Magnet. Let’s see if you two are attracted to each other,’ ” so says the article.

The two weren’t attracted. 

The encounter suggests that the next Super Duty is following the F-150’s lead and going aluminum….read the full story.