Ford Recalls 910,000 SUVS For Potential Steering Issue

Updated Jun 9, 2014
Recall notice

Two NHTSA Recalls Affect 2008-2013 Ford SUVs

More recalls hit the books as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) posted two recall notices today that affects 740,878 Ford Escape/Mercury Mariner SUVs and 179,000 Ford Explorers.

The first recall, 14S05,  affects certain model year 2008-2011 Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner vehicles manufactured August 18, 2006, through September 11, 2010.

The affected vehicles have a steering torque sensor that may not be able to properly detect driver steering input. As a result, the system could remove the Electric Power Steering (EPS) assist.

The recall notice says if power steering assist is lost, greater driver effort would be required to steer the vehicle at low speeds, increasing the risk of a crash.

Ford will notify owners, and dealers will update the software for the power steering control module (PSCM) and the instrument cluster module, free of charge.

If a vehicle shows a history of a loss of the torque sensor signal or fault codes relating to the PSCM when the vehicle is brought in for the recall remedy, the affected components will be replaced, free of charge.

The recall is expected to begin by July 25, 2014.

A second recall, 14V286, affects 2011-2013 Ford Explores with a potential steering problem.

Ford  is recalling certain model year 2011-2013 Ford Explorer vehicles manufactured May 17, 2010, through February 28, 2012.

The affected vehicles may experience an intermittent connection in the electric power steering gear, which can cause a loss of the motor position sensor signal resulting in a shut down of the power steering assist.

Owners of any of the recalled models may contact Ford customer service at 800-392-3673, or contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Safety Hotline at 888-327-4236.