A.R.E. Fleet & Commercial Sales Team Offers One-Stop Shopping

Updated May 27, 2014

ARE-Truckvault_FB-webA.R.E. Makes Fleet & Commercial Tonneau/Truck Cap Shopping Easier

A.R.E. has been focused on commercial fleet applications such as utility and service trucks since the company was established in the late 1960s, and offers a number of innovative commercial solutions including caps, storage options and composite utility bodies.

Now pickup fleet managers can shop, place orders, and get installation help faster and easier with A.R.E.’s new sales team and division restructuring.
A.R.E. has assembled a team of professionals with over 50 years of combined experience in the fleet and pickup truck aftermarket industries.

The division will be led by Jose Reyna, national fleet and commercial sales manager while Norm Brown will serve as fleet and commercial sales representative. Scott West is in place as the commercial fleet coordinator, and Anna Maher continues in her role as the commercial fleet customer service representative.

According to A.R.E. president Todd Hoffman, “This team is excited and looking forward to the fresh perspective that we have in place, while bringing a wealth of A.R.E. experience to the proven structure and system.”

A.R.E. fleet_team members: (left to right) Norm Brown, Jose Reyna and Scott West.
A.R.E. fleet_team members: (left to right) Norm Brown, Jose Reyna and Scott West.

A.R.E.’s “one-stop shopping” approach and partnerships for over two decades have allowed leasing companies, fleets, upfitters, dealers, and end users to succeed in the commercial fleet markets.

Jose Reyna notes “I am excited to be chosen for this position and to have the opportunity to create a team with a lot of experience in end user commercial sales and installation, BPN-certified truck dealer management, fleet coordination and fleet customer service.

“My team and I are dedicated to continuing the success of this division and growing with our customers,” said Reyna.