4" GM 1500 Lift Kit

Trail Master  4″ Lift For 2007-2013 Chevy/GMC 1500



If you want to run 33-inch or taller tires  on your 2007-’13 GM 1500 and maintain full tire clearance, it’s going to need a suspension lift. TrailMaster has just the right one.

TrailMaster GM1500 lift kitThis Trail Master kit is achieved by the kit’s all-steel strut spacers which mount on the factory struts. Tubular Trail Master replacement upper control arms are contoured to keep wheel alignment within factory spec.

Similarly, differential drop brackets are included to restore CV axle angles. The kit also has a stout laser-cut skid plate to protect the diff.

Rear leveling comes from 2-inch-tall Trail Master blocks, which replace the factory spacers, and  Trail Master NGS nitrogen-charged shocks.

Because the stock springs are retained, this system gives the best-possible bang-for-the-buck combination of ride quality and payload capacity.

Installation is purely bolt-on and can be accomplished in as little as four  hours. The vehicle can be returned to stock later if necessary.