F-150 Tops "Most American Made" Vehicle List

Ford F-150 Bests Toyota Camry In Cars.Com “Most American Made” Index


Ford’s F-150 has finally ousted the Toyota Camry  to take the top spot in the 2013 American-Made Index from Cars.com.

This is the first time in four years that a domestic automaker took the number one position.

6a00d83451b3c669e2017c36d26f72970b-800wiThe list is determined by analyzing three data points; domestic-parts content (percentage of vehicle’s parts produced in the U.S.), final vehicle assembly point and vehicle sales.

“Strong sales and 75 percent domestic-parts content propelled Ford’s popular F-150 to the top of the index for 2013, a rank it held from 2006 to 2008,” said Patrick Olsen, Cars.com’s Editor-in-Chief.

“While the assembly point and domestic parts content of the F-150 didn’t change from 2012-2013, vehicle sales are responsible for bumping the F-150 to the top spot.”

While the Toyota Camry is no longer the highest ranked on the list, Toyota still remains the brand with the greatest number of vehicles ranked.

“Buying American isn’t necessarily the key decision maker for every car shopper; however a study we conducted in 2012 indicated that 25 percent of shoppers surveyed preferred to buy American,” said Olsen.

“The American-Made Index is meant to help car shoppers understand that ‘American-Made’ extends beyond just the Detroit three.”

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