Gooseneck Hitch

CURT Manufacturing Makes Gooseneck Hitch Installation “EZr”

CURT Manufacturing has a new Under-Bed Double Lock EZr Gooseneck Hitch. This hitch comes install-ready with the CURT exclusive center locator. The new EZr hitch, along with the features of the original Double Lock gooseneck, now eliminates the need to lower exhaust on Ford, Chevy and most Dodge trucks for installation, relocating cable hanger and ground wire on Dodge trucks is no longer necessary, and it uses carriage bolts that require one tool to install.CURT EZr

The exclusive center locator eliminates the need to measure where the ball hole should be in the truck bed, saving valuable time. The EZr offers a cleaner look than over-the-bed models; a thick, sturdy handle with a comfort grip, a chrome-plated trim rig and rubber covering are just some of the features of the EZr.

This robust gooseneck has a 30,000 lbs. gross trailer weight capacity and 7,500 lbs. vertical load capacity and is completed with a durable carbide powder coat finish.

For a product video showing all the features of the EZr, click here.

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