Power Wave® S700 Welder

New Welder Ideal For Heavy Equipment   

Lincoln Power Wave The Power Wave® S700 welder from Lincoln Electric delivers flexible configurations and more welding power for high-duty cycle applications and thicker materials.

Recommended for use with 1/16-inch (1.6 mm) and higher welding wire diameters, the multi-process Power Wave S700 can be used in semiautomatic, hard automation or robotic environments, including synchronized tandem welding applications in transportation, heavy equipment and other fabrication industries.

The unit produces up to 900 amps (44 volts at 60 percent duty cycle) and operates at a high 88 percent efficiency with a 95 percent minimum power factor at rated output. It features patent-pending Surge Blocker™ technology to ensure simultaneous welding performance is not compromised by high starting-current devices, such as grinders.

For more information: www.lincolnelectric.com; (888) 355-3213