PlastiKote Brake Caliper Paint

 Customize Brakes With Heat-Proof Colors

 PlastiKote Caliper Paint

PlastiKote Brake Caliper Paint puts a stop to boring calipers with bright, hi-gloss colors that add a lot of excitement to any vehicle. It is available in five colors: Bright Yellow (CP-250), Bright Red (CP-251), Bright Blue (CP-252), Hi-Gloss Silver (CP-254) and Hi-Gloss Black (CP-253). In addition to calipers, it can be used on brake drums and also works well on external engine surfaces and bolt-on components. The 500-degree Fahrenheit coating is chemical, chip and rust resistant for longer life.

PlastiKote Brake Caliper Paint features their innovative “Twist and Spray” technology which requires 33-percent less finger pressure to use than other spray paint cans. The patented spray top, an integral part of the can’s design, shields the finger from paint and features a twist and lock design, so there is no separate top to remove or replace after use.

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