Surveyor 1 Road Trip


odo: 001750

Headed to Tomah today. 15 hour or so drive.

Right now stopped at a rest area about 30 miles south of Nashville. Lots of rain.

My first time in the new truck. Love the power and ride; seats are really comfortable.

Getting about 16mpg running 75-76.

0618130826-00Our editor said if I slowed to to 70 that mpg should be closer to 19. We’ll see.

Had to stop at the local Ram dealer in T-Town before heading out. Threw  a code. Something about the DEF regn cycle coming on too early.

Ram tech said not to worry. A glitch in the Cummins regen system is causing the check engine light to come on.

Guess Ram is trying to find the fix as others are having the same issue of too frequent regeneration cycle on the new 6.7Ls

Looking forward to seeing the NTPA event and showing off Surveyor 1 with the Mobil Delvac folks. — Jimmy Hardy/Randall Reilly vehicle shuttle driver