Penray Introduces Liquid Tune-Up

Penray Liquid Tune-Up family photoNew Penray Plus Service Kit Restores Engine Performance in Three Steps

Penray Companies, Inc. has introduced Penray Plus Liquid Tune-Up, an innovative package of proprietary chemicals designed to restore vehicle engines to optimal performance and efficiency, helping consumers save money at the pump. Each package contains specially-blended, made-in-the-USA chemicals and is designed as a three-step process to fortify three key fluids in today’s vehicles: fuel, lubricating oil and the engine coolant. The steps are as follows:

1. Fuel Injector Cleaner

Added to the fuel, Penray Plus Fuel Injector Cleaner removes deposits and debris that can disrupt the precision fuel injector spray patterns engineered in your car. It washes away contaminants and lubricates the moving parts within the injectors for a factory-fresh performance.

2. Oil Treatment

Penray Plus Oil Treatment is a sophisticated blend of detergents, acid neutralizers and protective coatings. Its advanced chemistry protects piston rings, engine bearings, camshafts and other critical internal engine parts from wear and abrasion. Gaskets and seals are kept soft and pliable to prevent leaks, and the treatment counteracts the effect of oxidation and corrosion with acid neutralizers, extending engine life.

3. Cooling System Treatment

Penray Cooling System Treatment contains a combination of technologies that work with antifreeze on many levels. It fights corrosion and scale that can reduce heat transfer or cause leaks. It also restores and maintains proper pH levels, reducing acid build-up that can damage aluminum parts. Special stabilizers are provided to reduce the impact of mixing incompatible types and colors of antifreeze.

This kit is fully compatible with gasoline, hybrid and flex-fuel engine systems. For more information, visit