TURBO3000D Adds New Installation Kits

TURBO3000D(R)New Device Increases Engine Performance

The TURBO3000D is a patented fuel emission reduction retrofit device designed to increase engine horsepower, provide a quicker throttle response, and better the engine’s performance. What was previously offered for owner-operators and fleets is now available for the pickup truck market.

Small business owners of diesel pickup trucks, tow trucks, flatbeds, and utility truck fleets can have the same fuel saving benefits big rig haulers have gained by using the TURBO3000D. Compared to its competitors, the TURBO300D is more affordable than electronic tuners and microchips. It requires no tuning or adjusting; with a simple installation, no moving parts, and no maintenance, this device gives a response to the rising cost of fuel while still increasing engine performance.

TURBO3000D is distributed nationwide and is also available at truck stop distributor Travel Centers of America and Petro Lube. For more information, visit www.TURBO300D.com.