Graphics Package Added

Camoclad Graphics InstalledTrahan vinyl install_BS24532

June 6, 2013

ODO: 001171

It’s fun watching a pro go about their business. They make their job look so easy.

Richard Trahan is in Spears Auto Repair’s shop putting on the Camoclad custom vinyl graphics. The job will take about 5 hours.

When it’s done, though, Surveyor 1 will no longer be that drab gray Ram 2500 we started out with, which is the whole idea of graphics.

The cool part about vinyl graphics is they can be removed when they are no longer wanted/needed or get damaged.

The new technology, according to Trahan, allows them to be peeled off without leaving any residue or doing harm to the paint.

After this we put on tires/wheels, flares and then take a trip to Tomah, Ohio, for a Mobil Delvac tractor pull. – Bruce W. Smith / Editor