Hot Shot's Solves Injector Problems

Fix Power Stroke Diesel Truck Injectors


Hot Shot SecretTo increase the efficiency in modern diesel engines, manufacturers increased the pressure at the injector tip. The increase provides for a more efficient burn, with added power. Older injectors would put out 1,200 psi at the injector tip, but the new diesel engines put out 26,200 psi at the tip. To achieve this, manufacturers tightened tolerances inside the injector.

The higher temperatures have a burning effect on the engine oil, which causes a layer of oxidized oil and additives that slow down the injector, eventually stopping it altogether.

“Injectors in diesel truck engines have a high failure rate,” says Chris Gabrelcik, lubrication engineer and creator of Stiction Eliminator. “Injector issues cause slow start-up, rough idling, hesitation, and lack of power because they aren’t firing properly.”

Until now, owners had to replace their existing injectors, often spending up to $2,500.00, with no guarantee that the problem would not re-occur. An amazing 90% of the time, Stiction Eliminator solves the problem completely, and the other 10% it has made a significant improvement.

Originally created for International Truck and Engine, Stiction Eliminator is an additive made from a combination of detergents and dispersants, and put into new or used motor oil. Once added, Stiction Eliminator removes build-up from other oils, the coking and varnishing left behind from overheating.

The product will also clean the deposits in the engine and turbo, fortifying existing oil and helping it to work more effectively. Two quarts of chemical cleans 100,000 miles of build up. One quart every 3-4 oil changes will prevent the problem from ever coming back.

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