LED Light Bars

Buyers Products Offers New LED Light Bars

Buyers Products is offering new LED light bars and other LED lighting options for a variety of applications. They are designed to give customers the options they need to outfit their vehicles with the right light bar and have a longer life and shine brightly in any application.

The new heavy-duty LED light bars come in three models and come standard with amber strobes: the 24-inch with eight modules, the 49-inch with 14 modules, and the 60-inch with 14 modules. The modular design allows for strobe upgrades, and the light bars can be customized with blue, clear, or red strobe heads.BuyersLEDLightbar8891070

The dual-function/traffic LED light bars, equipped with a durable, anodized-aluminum housing, are available in two models with 22 flash patterns. The 37-inch model comes with 24 amber LEDs while the 47-inch comes with 32. It also features adjustable mounts that can easily be installed.

The LED mini light bars feature 32 high-power, surface-mounted, amber LEDs and a low-profile, clear acrylic lens with 24 flash patterns and an on/off switch and pattern selector. The LED mini light bar is available in a permanent mount version and a magnetic mount version that can be transferred between vehicles.

For more information: www.buyersproducts.com