SuperSprings Work Truck Video


SuperSprings Video Shows Use/Benefits On Work Trucks


Vocational truck users looking for an easy, cost-effective way to upgrade their vehiclesā€™ suspensions should check out the newest video from SuperSprings International.

The video outlines the many commercial uses and installations for SuperSpringsĀ®, unique, self-adjusting leaf spring stabilizers with free-rolling shackles that fit over factory spring packs.

ā€œSuperSprings offer all the advantages of a fully upgraded suspension, but, as we demonstrate in the video, they can be installed in-house in an hour or less,ā€ said Mike Visser, president of SuperSprings International.

[youtube fIOSHztzd3w&feature=player_embedded nolink]

ā€œNow you donā€™t have to send a brand new truck out to the spring shop, which saves money, preserves original equipment and eliminates wasteful employee transport time.ā€

On commercial trucks, they help balance eccentric equipment loads, prevent rear-end sag and reduce sway by up to 30 percent. The installation processes on both a utility truck and a rolling chassis are shown, along with footage of aerial trucks, emergency vehicles, dump trucks and flatbed trucks in action.