How-To Install A Bed Extender

Updated Aug 11, 2014

AMP BedXtender HD MaxAMP Research BedXtender HD MAX Install

Upfitting a 2013 Ram 2500HD Crew Cab’s short bed with a two-foot extension to carry that longer cargo


Sometimes we run into a situation at work or on the weekends when the 6’3″ bed of the 2013 Ram pickup just isn’t long enough to accommodate longer cargo, tools, equipment or recreational toys such as ATVs and PWCs

When that happens the tailgate has to be dropped and the longer items secured lest they slide out the back.

Then extra tie-downs, rope, twine or some other type of securement item comes into play.

It’s much more convenient to just drop the tailgate and flip over the AMP Research BedXtender HD MAX.

Doing so gains two additional feet of bed length and keeps the cargo secure just like the tailgate.

Installation on the 2013 Ram 2500HD is one of the easiest upgrades there is, too: It takes all of 20 minutes-and the most basic of hand tools.

When you don’t want it in the bed, the BedXtender snaps easily out of its side mounts.

Here’s how we installed the AMP BedXtender in our Mobil Delvac Surveyor 1 project truck. — Bruce W. Smith