Editor's Note: We have a winner!

Photo by Jeff YipPhoto by Jeff Yip

We Have A “Big Red” Winner!


By Bruce W. Smith, Editor

A year ago around this time we were in the early stages of working with Mobil Delvac and more than a dozen other sponsors in taking a four-year-old GMC Crew Cab Dually 4×4 and turning it into a very special “sweepstakes” work truck.

The plan gelled and ProPickup’s “Big Red” sweepstakes truck rolled into truck and trade shows across the country. It also made an appearance at Mobil Delvac’s display at last year’s national tractor pulling championship in Indy.

Big Red is the third sweepstakes work truck we’ve built in as many years. It’s also the biggest and baddest.

As one would expect, a Dually sitting on 35s and a six-inch lift, with winches front and rear, a service body and other goodies drew good crowds wherever it appeared.

winnign-truckUntitled-1A lot of those who took the time to register to win tried their best to bribe us so their name would be the one on the title. But we let Lady Luck do the choosing.

Ironically, she graced her shine on the little town of Katy, Texas, and the owner of Gary’s Tire & Automotive Service and Gary’s Rhino Linings – Gary Koenig.

(You see, we bought the truck from a Houston dealer to begin this project.)

Koeing will probably remember the number 1762 for the rest of his life. It’s the entry number the computer program at Dallas-based Promotion Partners randomly spit out.

“I’m in a bit of shock realizing that I really won this truck. I never really thought I’d be the winner. I’m flabbergasted.”

– Gary Koenig, Big Red sweepstakes winner

By the time you read this Gary says Big Red will be out in the greater Houston area pulled up next to some piece of construction equipment while one of his service techs does a field repair or fixes a flat tire.

“I’m in a bit of shock realizing that I really won this truck,” says the Texas native who registered in the sweepstakes during the August 2012 GATS/ProPickup Truck Expo in Dallas.

“I never really thought I’d be the winner. I’m flabbergasted.”

Gary, you won, man! You really did.

Enjoy your new ride – and maybe we’ll see you at the ProPickup Truck Expo in Dallas August 22-24.

We’ve set aside a prime parking space for Big Red just in case you drop by. — Bruce W. Smith/Editor