LRG 'Reinvents' The Truck Wheel

New Design Improves Performance


LRG (LargeRimGroup), an innovator in wheel design and manufacturing, has released the LRG104, which is ‘that’ wheel for trucks and SUVs, reinventing what a specific wheel type should look like in the process.

 The new LRG104 features and all-new look for truck and SUV wheels, with a black/milled LRG104_BlackMilled_20x9 - SMfinish, bright highlights, and simulated rivet heads that make the wheelappear fluid, open, and yet sinister.

 Utilizing a new casting technology, the finished wheel is more attractive and also a stronger, more durable one-piece aluminum unit. With its large windows, the LRG104 also helps improve brake cooling.

 Offered only as a 20-inch diameter, in 9- or 12-inch widths, and with limited bolt patterns and backspacing, the LRG104’s11 part numbers will fit most trucks and SUVs that can accommodate 20s.

 For informaton:; (855) 577-5633