Logbook: 5/15/2013Surveyor 1 Fab Fours Rear bumper

Miles: 000587

Fab Fours Black Steel ELITE rear bumper is in place. Easy upgrade.

Had to make a couple minor modifications: tag light wouldn’t ground to the powder coat so we added a ground wire. And we drilled  two bolt holes for the OEM bolts that are on the top of factory receiver hitch–behind the license plate.

Also installed the AMP BedStep, which is another very simple, yet practical upgrade. It was a total bolt-and-step. 10-minute install.

Both products enhance Surveyor 1’s functionality and looks. Still have a lot more upgrades to do. I’ll put the how-to articles on the website shortly.

Hope we get it at least 70% finished before it’s “debut” at the Mobil Delvac Indy show in mid-June.

Surveyor 1 logo final