Spray Your Way To Quiet

Boom Mat Stops Squea050220_Boom_Mat_Spray_On Aerosol Sprayks, Rattles & Vibration


Boom Mat Spray-On aerosol spray is a quick and easy way to reduce road noise and vibration, add a layer of thermal protection, or as an undercoating to protect against damage from rust, rocks, gravel and other debris.

This black rubberized polymer compound comes in an 18 oz can that sprays on and dries to a textured paintable finish without chips or cracks in 20 minutes. Highly rust resistant, it is ideal for use on the undercarriage. 

One can covers approximately 20 square feet and Boom Mat Spray-On is VOC compliant in all 50 states and will withstand up to 300°F. 

Contact: www.boommat.com; (800) 264-9472