Diesel Fuel Exchanger Primer

Davco Diesel Fuel Exchanger PrimerDavco Shop Pro FXP


Transferring fuel from tanks and priming common-rail diesel engines can be difficult, time consuming and messy.

Not with the new Shop Pro FXP and ST from Davco Technology.

The Shop Pro FXP and Shop Pro ST (the compact version of the FXP) are designed to prime heavy-duty engines, transfer fuel from fuel tanks and clean contaminated fuel in a vehicle’s fuel tank.

Using the Shop Pro FXP or ST, powered by a 120VAC (115 GPH) or 12VDC (91 GPH) motor/pump combination, makes this task much simpler because it eliminates the need to use a hand pump or maintain reserve fuel for priming in a separate tank.

The compact, highly mobile ST cart is manufactured from steel tubing providing a durable, yet easily maneuverable frame at only 54 pounds.

It’s designed for use servicing heavy-duty diesel engines that are “on the road” away from a service center.

Both the Shop Pro FXP and ST fuel processor and cart carry a five-year warranty and one year for the motor and pump.

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