Ford Replacement Fuel Tanks


Titan Unveils Replacement Ford Fuel Tank

Featherlight, cross-linked polyethylene tank stops lining delamination problems associated with steel tanks on Ford Econoline diesel cut-away cab and chassis at half the cost


ford-55-gallon-cutaway-titan-tankTitan Fuel Tanks new 55-gallon replacement tank is designed up fit 1999-2010 Econoline diesel cut-away cab and chassis vehicles and eliminates the widespread issue of diesel fuel line contamination resulting from lining delamination in original equipment and aftermarket fuel tanks made of steel.

Titan’s solid polymer tank bodies are immune to the effects of the diesel, bio-diesel and fuel additives that are routinely blamed for causing the degradation of the protective linings of steel fuel tanks.

Constructed of the finest military-grade, cross-linked polyethylene (XLHDPE), Titan’s replacement tank is compatible with most blends of bio-diesel fuel.

Polyethylene is much lighter than steel and 200 times less thermal conductive. The polymer’s insulating properties eliminate condensation.

“Since 1999, we’ve replaced a lot of steel fuel tanks on Econoline cut-away vehicles due to delamination problems,” said Greg Vice, principle and service manager for Kenny Vice Ford in Ladoga, Ind.

“Now we can provide customers with a reasonably priced, reliable, long-lasting alternative to the steel replacement tanks that were the ‘only choice’ until now.”

The interiors of original equipment and aftermarket steel tanks are generally lined with a coating that is known to deteriorate in the presence of agents and additives within many diesel and biodiesel fuels.

Once the steel tank linings begin to decompose, they can cast particulate matter into the fuel source, which can ultimately cause pumps, filters and injectors to fail.

Ford has ruled tank delamination to be fuel-related and as such, does not cover it under the company’s warranty policy. If diesel fuel contamination is detected during the process of servicing the vehicle, warranty compliance can only be regained by replacing all affected components.

Repair costs can be daunting, and if a steel replacement tank is used, the problem and additional repair costs might be destined to reoccur.

“Delamination is a major source of concern for a number of the Ford fleets we service,” said Michael Pahlas, service manager for Columbia Ford in Columbia, Conn.

“Titan’s engineered cross-linked polyethylene replacement fuel tanks have been helping us prevent delimitation from reoccurring in Ford F-350, F-450 and F-550 cab and chassis vehicles and diesel-powered E-Series Vans, and we’re excited to see the new Econoline cut-away version become available.”

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