Slide-Out Bed Storage Install

ARE Pickup Vault

A.R.E. Pickup Vault Install


Two-drawer slide-out bed storage system keeps tools, equipment and other gear safe and secure; leaves upper bed open for larger cargo

By Bruce W. Smith

There are a lot of business owners who like to keep valuable gear and equipment neatly organized and well protected in their pickups.

A bed topper handles the protection. But the organized part still requires some sort of cargo management system

Enter the A.R.E. (330.830.7800)  Pickup Vault — the ultimate in slide-out cargo storage.

The Pickup Vault, which carries a Limited Lifetime Warranty,  is designed to be flexible in the cargo storage solution with a pair of 24-inch wide, bed-length drawers.

It’s constructed of thick marine-grade plywood that’s carpeted to protect everything from expensive surveying equipment to guns. The top can support 2,000 pounds, too.

Each drawer, which is just under 6″ deep, glides on rollers flush-mounted in the floor, and locks with a sturdy twist-latch mechanism.

Topper World's Weldon Banks installs A.R.E. Pickup Vault into the bed of ProPickup's Project Bedrock GMC Sierra.Topper World’s Weldon Banks installs A.R.E. Pickup Vault into the bed of ProPickup’s Project Bedrock GMC Sierra.

Installation takes less than 30 minutes as the drawer unit comes preassembled. (Weldon Banks at Topper World in Gulfport, MS handled the install job for us.)

We upgraded and reconfigured Project Bedrock from a cross-bed tool box/tonneau cover setup to a bed cap and slide-out storage system.

The topper is A.R.E.’s new Overland cap that is carpeted on the inside with the same grey polypropylene as found in the Bedrug products to match the Pickup Vault.

Together they make a great cargo management system that can do double-duty for the avid construction company owner/outdoorsman.

If you are looking for a classy, well-designed answer for keeping gear and valuables under lock and key in the pickup, while making access as easy as sliding out a drawer, A.R.E.’s Pickup Vault  is a good solution.

The gallery below shows the steps to the Pickup Vault install. 

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