LRG Adds New Truck Wheels

LRG102 Pickup Wheels LRG102_BlackMilled_20x8 - Small

LRG (LargeRimGroup), an innovator in wheel design and manufacturing, has released the LRG102, a fresh, modern 10-spoke to add flavor to an otherwise staid truck or SUV.

In its black/milled finish, the thin spokes with highlighted ribs and simulated rivet heads make the LRG102 outstanding.

In matte black, the LRG102 is covert, with only the rivet heads on each of the spokes as accents. Both feature an aggressive, open lug nut design.

Utilizing new casting technology, the results are not only a more attractive but also a stronger, more durable one-piece aluminum wheel.

LRG offers the LRG102s  in 18”, 20” and 22” diameters, 9” and 12” widths, multiple bolt patterns and backspacing.

Contact: LRG; 855 577-5633