Handwritten Notes Coming Back


Felt Brings The Personal Touch Back Into Business


When was the last time you sent a hand-written note to a customer thanking them for the business or to a valued employee to let them know they are appreciated?

Sending a handwritten “thank you” note was once a time-honored tradition.

But with the rise of email, text messaging and social sites like Facebook, the majority of our correspondence has gone digital.

Many people can’t remember the last time they sent or received a handwritten card––a fact Felt hopes to change.

Felt, a first-of-its-kind iPad app that’s free from the Apple App, enables people to write and send personal, handwritten cards in the mail.

Instead of hunting for a stamp or envelope, you can now simply pull out your iPad, select from one of many expertly designed cards and handwrite a personal message on the touchscreen.

Felt then prints, seals, stamps and sends the card for you. The card looks exactly like you wrote it with a pen and paper.

[youtube QjnqnzyFFJY nolink]

“We’re communicating now more than ever, but nothing can replace the feeling of receiving something uniquely personal from a friend or loved one in the mail,” says founder Tomer Alpert.

“With Felt we wanted to make it easier for anyone to send a handwritten note, and bring back the excitement of opening your mailbox.”

For a flat rate of $3.99, your writing is printed on premium Mohawk card stock and a kraft paper envelope, then mailed within 24 hours anywhere in the US, via the US Postal Service.