2,000 Jobs Added to Ford F-150 Plant

Ford Kansas City Assembly Plant

Increased Demand For F-150 Adds Jobs

Ford’s ever popular F-150 pickup is getting more so as the company adds over 2,000 jobs to its Kansas City, MO, assembly plant to meet the growing demand for its pickup.

Joe Hinrichs-Ford Pres

“Customer demand for today’s F-150 is strong and continues growing, the truck segment is growing three times faster than the overall industry, the housing market is strengthening, and we are seeing growth in the U.S. economy,” said Joe Hinrichs, Ford’s head of North and South America operations.

The announcement comes on the heels of several months of surging sales across the the full-size pickup market with F-150 sales seeing a 24 percent increase over last year.

According to analysts the sales increase is due to a turnaround in the housing and construction markets, which in turn is boosting new pickup sales by small business owners.

With the average age of the nation’s pickup fleet at a record high, the improvement in business conditions is convincing many to buy new trucks.