BedRug For The Shop Floor

BedRug TrackMat The Ultimate Portable Creeper


They’v_MG_4623a_Lo12e been used in pickup beds, on boat decks and for covering the floors and beds of UTVs.

Now they are headed to the shop floor.

Nothing cushions or stands up to grease, oils, water, dirt and chemicals like a BedRug.

BedRug, Inc, experts specializing in the field of truck bed protection, adds a new twist to their product: TrackMat.

Made of the same durable, closed-cell foam and polypropylene fiber material as BedRug, the 2’X4’ folding TrackMat is a 3/4″-thick utility mat that has hundreds of uses.

Use it as a pad to kneel on or as a lightweight and portable creeper to keep you comfortable and clean while you work. Fold it down to its portable 2’ X 2’ size, throw it in along with your gear and your track experience has never been better.

The TrackMat is a great product that can be used in any number of ways, from garage use to gardening.

Contact: BedRug; 800-462-8435