Texas Man Wins "Big Red" Sweepstakes

Gary Koenig Wins “Big Red” Sweepstakes

Katy, Texas businessman in shock over winning ProPickup’s Mobil Delvac-sponsored 2008 GMC Dually project truck


by Bruce W. Smith

When the computer program at Dallas-based Promotion Partners flashed a random number on the screen from a database containing thousands of sweepstake’s entrants, it was as impersonal as it gets: Line 1762.

Some 650 miles south of ProPickup magazine’s offices in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, the winner of the magazine’s $50,000 sweepstakes pickup, Big Red, was busy juggling his two businesses in Katy, Texas.

Gary Koenig, owner of Gary’s Tire & Automotive Service and Gary’s Rhino Linings, didn’t have a clue it was his name on Line 1762.

Nor did he have a clue that in the blink of some random computation he’d just become the owner of the Mobil Delvac-sponsored  sweepstake’s dually – a customized and fully-equipped 2008 GMC Sierra 3500 Crew Cab 4×4 work truck.

“Our goal when we started building this truck was simple,” says Editor Bruce Smith who oversaw the year-long build. “We wanted the truck to have pulling power, load-carrying capability, passenger comfort, versatility and dependability all wrapped up in a stylish package. I think we accomplished that goal.”

ProPickup's Big Red, the 2012 sweepstakes GMC dually presented by Mobil Delvac.ProPickup’s Big Red, the 2012 sweepstakes GMC dually presented by Mobil Delvac.

So does Koenig, who does a lot of business in the greater Houston area providing tire repair services for construction contractors and oil companies, field repairs, and spraying on the Rhino Lining protective coatings.

“I’m in a bit of shock realizing that I really won this truck,” says the 60-year-old entrepreneur.

“The more I read on the ProPickup website (www.propickupmag.com) about how it’s equipped, the more I realize it’s got everything I need for my tire business.

“The Fleetwest servicebody, Vanair  Air-N-Arc 150 (an air compressor/generator/welder combination), and how the truck is setup will make a fine service rig for this area,” says Koenig.

The Texas-native first saw the truck on display at last August’s ProPickup Truck Expo in Dallas and again at the 2012 SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

“I drive an ’08 GMC Sierra 1500, so ‘Big Red’ really caught my eye,” says Koenig. “I registered for the sweepstakes at the Dallas trade show. But I never really thought I’d be the winner. I’m flabbergasted.”

Keonig, who is still trying to absorb his good fortune, will be presented the keys to ProPickup’s Mobil Delvac-sponsored Big Red dually in early May at the magazine’s offices in Tuscaloosa.

ProPickup is a bi-monthly publication of Randall-Reilly that reaches more than 200,000 owners and managers of construction, landscaping, aggregates, road and bridge building companies across the country through both print and electronic distribution.

The magazine builds a sweepstakes project truck each year with the help of sponsors’ product support and encourages the readers to enter the annual sweepstakes to win it when the build is finished.

To read more about the this year’s truck, the sponsors, and how Big Red was built, go to: www.propickupmag.com and click on Project Trucks.

 ProPickup/Mobil Delvac 2012 Big Red SponsorsBig Red TJackson DSC_0071

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