Headlight Restoration Kit

Headlight Restoration Kit

Philips  kit reconditions lenses to like-new condition; makes night driving safer


Headlights age and lose their effectiveness over time much like our eyes.

What happens with headlights is the outside of the plastic lens deteriorates and gets a cloudy appearance from the constant exposure to UV and the elements.pl784-philips-restoration-before-and-after-2362x1181

That cloudy appearance greatly affects a headlight’s effectiveness.

Thankfully Philips Automotive Lighting’s new Headlight Restoration Kit brings back headlight clarity for improved nighttime vision and enhanced driving safety.

The kit, which does’t require the use of power tools, can restore the clarity of clouded plastic headlight lenses to a like-new condition in less than 30 minutes.

Its secret is an advanced coating technology that delivers excellent cleaning results with minimal effort.

The coating also adds a protective UV coating that can help prevent future clouding for up to two years.

Philips Headlight Restoration Kit is designed for use by both professionals and do-it-yourselfers to restore lens surfaces in a few easy steps, improving the light output and overall appearance of plastic headlamp assemblies.

The kit also works on taillights, turn signals, and reflective lens covers.

Contact: www.philips.com/automotive;  800-257-6054