Ask A Dealer: Snow Plow Setup

Plow Purchasing Tips from Matt Campbell of Varney GMC, Bangor, Maine

Getting a landscaper’s winter season off to a great start is having the right snow plowing equipment to work with according to Matt Campbell, of Varney GMC in Bangor, Maine.

“First, customers should consider their snow-pushing needs. The more snow, the heavier duty truck that’s required,” Campbell says.

“While Ford does not recommend the 2012 F150 for snow plowing, the Sierra 1500 can be used for driveways, and the Sierra HD’s torsion arm suspension allows for very heavy plow limits at that end of the market.”

Campbell also tells his customers to think about capacity, paying close consideration to the type of plow they’ll be using; driveways are best done with a small straight blade.

“The initial cost for V-type plows is higher, but time is money and for larger jobs with larger trucks, V plows significantly reduce work time so more clients can be serviced,” says Campbell.

Plow truck buyers must also consider the right optional equipment. “All-terrain tires add grip, and a locking rear differential can be a big help in slippery situations,” says the GMC dealer. “Of course, the plow prep package is a must, and I always like to recommend heated seats.”